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February 15, 2017

After visiting an interesting venue, I often subscribe to email alerts or connect through social media to hear about upcoming events. An example is the Park Avenue Armory in New York City.

Catching my attention was a program and concert celebrating Pauline Oliveros’s life. She was an innovator of electronic music and the art of deep listening. The lack of event detail didn’t deter me. My hunch was that it was a sign of authenticity.

The event was stunning - meticulously run and...

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Art in Motion

July 1, 2017

An exhibit about public space surveillance named “Hansel and Gretel” intrigued me because I would be part of the exhibit. Occupying the Armory's Drill Hall, facial recognition technology, infrared imaging, and camera-equipped flying drones created a playful experience to made one wonder —who is watching me?

As I entered the immense darkened space, there was some disorientation followed by trial and error experimenting to discover “how to get seen” and how to wander without detection. Part...

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