I love to paint, but I hate the preparation and clean up. When a friend suggested I join her for a Sip and Paint, I warned her that I’m the kind of person who draws outside the lines and likes edgier art, but was up for trying it.  

I learned that it was all about letting go of apprehension, it was about adjusting my pace to keep up with the group or deciding to linger and let them pass me.  It was about accepting what I’ve created and balancing paint brush, wine glass and appetizers. It was like the first time river rafting, first time jumping double dutch, first time ballroom dancing and first date combined.

It was an adventure outside my comfort zone that unleashed my mischievous side. I chose to wander away from realism to fantasy mode for my landscape. When we had the big reveal I heard the sound of surprise and acceptance for taking the road less travelled.

When do you go off the beaten path? Where do you head?