Pictured: Salt of the Earth Spa, Southbury, CT.  

The idea of visiting a salt cave didn’t cross my radar as a destination for rest and relaxation. But once I learned about the potential wellness benefits and about local options, I gave it a try.

Reclining in a zero gravity lounger, I closed my eyes, cleared my mind and inhaled deeply for 45 minutes. While doing that my body would be would exposed to three day’s equivalent of ocean air from himalayan salt contained on the walls and floor.

I entered into a relaxed state and time passed quickly in the oasis. Though some people fall asleep, I did not, But when I opened my eyes, it felt as if I had been sleeping for a long time. I was calm, refreshed and most importantly feeling content.

I was ready to tackle what’s next in my day and that night I experience a deeper than usual sleep. It is rejuvenating.

What rejuvenates you?