My planned destinations were a stop on the Connecticut wine trail followed by a visit to Mohegan Sun Casino for a concert. It was a day to let my curiosity decide where I stopped along the way.

I could feel the muscles on my neck relax as I noticed a red barn-like structure and decided to turn into Sankow's Beaver Brook Farm. It was off-season and my car was the only car parked outside the store. They had an amazing array of artisan cheeses and I bought a few. I learned that I had landed at a stop on the Connecticut Cheese Trail.

As I paid for my purchases, I was invited to visit the lambs and that’s when the real fun began. As I opened the door about 50 of them greeted me in chorus. Caught off guard, I laughed and found myself asking for an encore.  They obliged and I felt big happiness flood in.

Many urged me to rub their heads and they impatiently waited their turn. Time stood still as I soaked in all the affection. I visited the wool shop, which was an art gallery of stunning hand made artifacts and a goldmine of skeins for those "do it yourselfers".

I felt wonder and delight as an “away feeling” flooded in.  

What kind of road surprises peak you curiosity and leave you glad that you took the time to stop?