My interest to expand my video producing skills led me to volunteer as a DFVA crew member to film a short documentary style message for the Spark Makerspace in New London, CT. Our project was to create video content for their Kickstarter message and a member recruitment video.

It was an opportunity to learn about sound engineering and conducting video interviews and at the same time learn about New London, its people and the passion to create a stronger community. I learned about New London’s strong nautical history, the history of building which was formerly a punk rock club and the waves of economical recovery that often receded like a tide.

In this shell of a store, spoken word painted a vibrant picture as volunteers arrived ready to install a protective floor covering for the former club's dance floor.  

I felt I was on a tour of New London and a tour of the "locals" vision for the Makerspace. This learning and social adventure left me energized and glad that I participated. Most importantly a nonprofit startup got the help they needed with their first video project.

What kind of volunteerism or learning daycations appeal to you?