“Can you cook me a meal that I will be finished eartng in 60 minute time?”

The reply was “Yes”. It was said with confidence and so i ordered the Caribbean char grilled lobster. I had to be on board my cruise ship in 90 minutes and it was a 10 minute walk. No outside food is permitted onboard - takeout was not an option.

As I waited I had the house special cocktail. I asked what made it mint green. “It’s a secret recipe, I can’t tell you.” I accepted the mystery as part of my adventure.

Fellow cruisers were curious about my passion to enjoy local food while in port. “Aren’t you afraid of getting sick?” I replied, “No.”. I had visited Antigua years ago and had positive experiences. I had enjoyed lobster at Hemingway's previously and it ws terrific.

It's part of my contribution to the local economy  The tastes, flavors and local connections experienced while dining can lead to an exceptional day.

When you travel, what is your favorite local food(s)?