I went to a show, “What’ s Your Problem at an Improvisation Theatre. There were two opportunities for intense engagement - putting a problem in the hat and having part of the show devoted to hearing advice or being a audience guest panel member. As a solo traveler I like the opportunity to actively engage versus being a voyeur.

I entered both lotteries realizing selection would mean a step out of the comfort zone. As we approached the final segment of the show, my name was pulled to participate on the expert panel. This was power networking at its finest.

I got to introduce myself, express my views and open the door for conversation following the show. It increased my approachability as people felt they knew me and it increased my comfort at conversing with strangers because of our shared experience.

Did it make me nervous? Yes. Would I do it again? Yes. It made a difference in the experience It made me feel like I belonged and though I had attended with other solo travelers, I would do this on my own. Why not?

How has audience participation improved your solo experience at an event?