Around the Corner

August 31, 2018

I'm a regular at a weekly event where I connect with local farmers, entrepreneur, visual artists and musicians.  Here I network, enjoy a farm to table lunch, learn new things and meet new people,  I spend a quality hour and return to my day armed with fresh fruits and vegetables and exceptional experiences.

i learn about positive things going on, develop relationships with vendors and cross paths with interesting people and ideas.  It's never the same two visits in a row and I love it that...

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Cruise for Free

August 1, 2018

I spotted an announcement for all kinds of free cruses in NYC on a day I had evening plans in the city.  Is free too good to be true?  Would it be a quality experience?  

It didn't disappoint.  It was moderated ny an official NYC guide and representatives from the Waterfront Alliance.  It was a beautiful day to see area of Brooklyn I had previously seen from the road.

Most of the passengers were from NYC and like me, were curious about this tour that would take us to the Gowns and back....

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Cemetery Circus

July 15, 2018

An uncommon location for a circus, but it was perfect. A mile trolley car ride into the cemetery I discovered a tree shaded lake which became the stage for acrobats, musicians, unicyclists and show girls. In the backdrop was the Niblo family Mausoleum. The Niblos were originators of a Brooklyn Circus in the 1800s.

There was wonder, smiles and parades of performers in the first hour. The second hour brought performances on lakeside stages and on the lake in boats . There was an  organist, an...

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July 12, 2018

The idea of an underwater puppet show appealed to me. I was mesmerized at the continuous motion of objects floating, darting, swirling and dancing to live music. My focus was taking in the staging and accepting that how it was accomplished was a mystery.

Post show the audience went back stage to view the 1000 gallon tank  We saw the props, puppeteers in black wetsuits and the pulley system that held puppeteers suspended above the tank, invisible from the audience view. The complexity of the...

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Talk to Strangers

June 29, 2018

I was seated at a table ahead of a comedy show that featured Sinbad.  I shared with the woman seated at the next table, "I'm looking forward to this, I grew up with Sinbad."  She replied "Me too."

Over the course of the evening that simple exchange led to sharing she had been to the venue before, was an actress, did wardrobe consulting and one of her hobbies was kites.  

If I had not taken the initiative, I would have missed out getting to know my neighbor. 

I learned that she liked to...

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