Besides sand and surf, I like to dabble in a bit of bartering with beach vendors.  I do it to engage with locals and have some fun.  I don't seek to trade "up".  I aim to release an item that I don't really want and receiving an item I do. 

I was on a cruise which stopped for the day on Antigua.  In my beach bag, I tossed a new blouse from my closet which had the tags still attached.  I brought it on the cruise because of its packability, it was sleeveless and it was stylish and a quality piece, but it just wasn't me!

Cathy was selling beach dresses.  She said the tan and red one was perfect for me.  I agreed.  We traded. The blouse was too large for her. Cathy said that she was going to give it to a lady on the island who would absolutely love it.

As I wore the dress the next day, I smiled, thinking of Cathy and the fact that she lived in New York for a while...walking distance from where I did!

What beach serendipity have you experienced?