“What are you going to do during your day in St. Kitts”? I was asked numerous times during a recent Caribbean Cruise. “ I’m returning to the infinity pool and tropical gardens”!

I discovered it through fellow travelers during my last visit.  It was a pool and hot tub in a resort on a hillside overlooking the port. I planned a day of bliss in a tropical oasis. 

The experience was a little different this time around. The majority of the lhaise lounges had reserved signs on them. I got  one of the remaining ones.

With a tropical drink in hand, the piped in soft jazz music took on an upbeat vibe. Beautifully sculpted bodies arrived in droves. They were cruise ship staff from the two ships visiting. This venue was the employee's  footloose and fancy free place to spend some precious time off.

This was the trendiest place to be! My sightseeing had new perspectives. 

When has a return visit shown you a different side?