Almost Walked Away

November 22, 2017

I found the sign outside of a restaurant named Manna's intriguing, but it scared me. It advertised a seafood boil for $9.95. I went inside. The number of patrons inside surprised me. Most were selecting their meal from long buffet tables. In the back was an order window where signage listed more steamed options. I read it and then exited the store.

I stood outside, looked at the sign again with a photo of the meal and asked myself, “What’s stopping you?”. My memory flashed back to when I...

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How’s Ya Pierogis?

November 8, 2017

The Dekalb Market Hall, a new culinary center brings an eclectic mix of trendy, ethnic and classic cuisines under one roof. Previously these establishments were spread out across NYC’s boroughs. Beyond tasty, a visit is really carbon footprint friendly

Diners at the Pierogi Boys, had big smiles on their faces - “How’s ya dinner”, i asked. They said the potato and cheese pierogi’s were to die for. Present was Steve’s Key Lime Pies from Red Hook Brooklyn, Katz’s Deli without the sawdust...

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October 30, 2017


I did a double take. A nearby concert came across my radar that featured pipe organ music, local singers, musicians, a silent film and a Halloween costume contest. It was last minute and it sounded terrific.

I lept into action to complete my Halloween costume.  I crafted a leafy bracelet and matching ring to help people identify me as the action figure, Poison Ivy.

I introduced myself to concert goers and offered my hand covered with vine. Most admired my green wig and green sparkled...

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Shopping Adventure

October 25, 2017

One of the quirky, unique things about downtown Brooklyn, NY is its population of stores that sell wigs. It’s the wig capital of the world! I set out to purchase a fun wig as a part of a costume ensemble I'm creating.  

Wigs are serious business, Each store had hundreds of them and have large fitting areas that mimic a backstage dressing room. My interest in a novelty wig opened the flood gates to learning about a beauty culture where women's wardrobe of wigs are as large as their wardrobe...

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Visual Storytelling

October 21, 2017

“What are you celebrating?”, the photographer asked. “Reinvention” I replied and her response was,“I love reinvention, tell me more”. “For 30 years I was a Chemist in the corporate world and now I’m an Artisan and this feels right”.

She stepped away and asked me to toss around confetti as she captured my adventure I did it with abandon. I laid down and encouraged onlookers to blanket me with snow and they did.

I took a quick photo afterwards with my point and shoot camera and it confirmed...

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