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Play it Again

May 28, 2017

Sam the Clam was a restaurant and bar I hesitated to visit for lunch last year while day tripping. I hesitated at the shack like appearance and the large Marilyn and gangster statues out front.  I took a risk and dined on the large deck. The food, wait staff and fellow diners were great. But the traffic of customers was light and so I didn’t think I experienced the full ambiance of the place.

The second time was a charm. I dined inside at a booth with an undersea port hole. I learned that...

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Appetizer Networking

September 9, 2017

I decided to have my dinner at the restaurant bar instead of a table. I don’t usually order an appetizer, but I heard the appetizer special was avocado salad and it intrigued me. I didn’t ask the specifics and when it was served it was a piece of art and a taste sensation . The tower of tomatoes were just picked from the owner’s garden. It was stunning and the perfect ice breaker for conversation with others seated around the bar.

We shared introductions, reasons for selecting the...

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