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Arthur Aveniue - Bronx's Little Italy

November 8, 2014

Want to practice your traveling networking skills? Give them a workout in the vicinity of Arthur Ave and 187th Street . It is here that the curious are warmly welcomed with their questions about where to find the best of everything - coffee - Italian pastry.  cheeses, pasta, bread and a whole lot more.

When lots of people are in a common place like a store line or sharing a large tables at a popular eatery there are great opportunities for chats to develop.

People generously give their...

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Audience Celebrity

July 31, 2017

I went to a show, “What’ s Your Problem at an Improvisation Theatre. There were two opportunities for intense engagement - putting a problem in the hat and having part of the show devoted to hearing advice or being a audience guest panel member. As a solo traveler I like the opportunity to actively engage versus being a voyeur.

I entered both lotteries realizing selection would mean a step out of the comfort zone. As we approached the final segment of the show, my name was pulled to...

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