Some wickedly cold weather snaps in the Northeast motivated me to bring extra hats, gloves and scarves (new or gently used) with me on a trip to NYC.  My goal was to gift them forward to anyone who might need them. 

I initiated the offering by remarking, "This weather is unbelievable you look cold" and wait for a response.  If the person admitted they were cold, I offered them a piece from my collection that would match what they were wearing and meet their need.  I did it on the subway, in a restaurant and at an event.  

I thought it was likely I'd offer them to the homeless, but I discovered the homeless were dressed properly for the weather.  The immediate need was with everyday folks who were at risk for frostbite. The majority of people I approached took it with delight and appreciation. 

It was a chance to engage with people I wouldn't necessarily meet for a minute or two.  With acceptance they offered a piece of their story - where they were headed and why they liked the gesture.    

It wasn't the main purpose of my trip, but it was one of the highlights of my day/. 

How do you gift forward during your travels?