I didn’t know what to expect. I was to take a new interactive ukulele show on the road across the City of Bridgeport, CT to the Discovery Museum , The Beardsley Zoo and the Barnum Museum.

I made my best guess about what the audience would be like, gathered my songs, demo ukuleles and props.

When it was time to start. I introduced myself and that it was Make Music Day. I began to play the ukulele and sing. People began to come. Of all ages and musical experiences and they were curious and they were keen to handle the ukuleles and props and eventually made music collaboratively. They sang, strummed and swayed to the beat. In the late afternoon I had all adults,  An audience member picked up a ukulele and jammed with me.

We filled public spaces with music that would have otherwise been without. People faced an opportunity to make music and rose to the occasion. Together we turned something simple into something exceptional.

Our voyage established a chartered path that we could and should travel again. 

What was your most recent maiden voyage?