I heard that the Halal Brothers had good grub at good prices, that the line is always long and eating is outdoors any time of the year. Their food cart is located at 6th Ave and 53rd Street in Manhattan, if you are in the area, you can’t miss it. The big difference from other carts is that it’s open design and a team of five run it.

Food is served 10:00 AM - 5:30 AM non stop except for 5 minute breaks called by the Cart Manager who takes orders. He transforms into a Marketeer during any lulls greater than 10 seconds. The queue moves at break neck speed and once the three Chef team in the kitchen area has your order, there is about a minute wait for your meal. The fifth team member operates a beverage cart.

Beef, Lamb, Chicken, Falafel, Salad, Rice, Pita - the menu is simple, but flavorful. The experience is “live theatre”. From interacting with the crew and networking in line, with those seated around you and as you leave asking, “How’s your dinner?”.  Gathering information and building community is a part of the dining experience.

Watch out for that hot sauce - its heat is out of this galaxy. And do not look at the calorie content of the white sauce, an essential condiment.

This is an experiential melting pot of locals, tourists and foodies. Eating like a big family while propped on edges of ledges and getting your face messy is fun. Be prepared to be happy and to leave full.

What dining experiences do you find delicious, entertaining and inexpensive?