An exhibit about public space surveillance named “Hansel and Gretel” intrigued me because I would be part of the exhibit. Occupying the Armory's Drill Hall, facial recognition technology, infrared imaging, and camera-equipped flying drones created a playful experience to made one wonder —who is watching me?

As I entered the immense darkened space, there was some disorientation followed by trial and error experimenting to discover “how to get seen” and how to wander without detection. Part of the fun of being seen was the capture of my image on the floor, taken from overhead which created a canvas of my motion and moods in black and white.

With child like abandon, I immersed in finding out how the exhibit intersected with my creativity and sense of wonder. Then I focused on the experiences of other visitors to compare and contrast them to my own. Many of the adults posed, children rolled around the floor ecstatic that they could do so and that it was an acceptable interaction with this exhibit.

I stayed much longer than I expected and the experience was surprisingly rejuvenating. It gave me that “gone away feeling” and I felt happy.

What kind of art exhibit visit makes you feel like you’ve been on vacation?