The Dekalb Market Hall, a new culinary center brings an eclectic mix of trendy, ethnic and classic cuisines under one roof. Previously these establishments were spread out across NYC’s boroughs. Beyond tasty, a visit is really carbon footprint friendly

Diners at the Pierogi Boys, had big smiles on their faces - “How’s ya dinner”, i asked. They said the potato and cheese pierogi’s were to die for. Present was Steve’s Key Lime Pies from Red Hook Brooklyn, Katz’s Deli without the sawdust layered floor. The Pickle Guys had their best selling varieties stored in big wooden barrels. The list continues with Fulton Landing Seafood and mouth watering BBQ.

It was fun to take it all in and hard to decide what to have for my meal. There a traditional Italian restaurant in the mix, but that would have to wait for a future visit.

I felt happy and full and glad I went. It was so easy to mingle surrounded with foodies.

What kind of eating establishment makes you happy?