I was seated before a concert. I mentioned that I play the ukulele in small talk to the person seated next to me. He asked whether I knew about next week’s concert of the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain a few towns over. I hadn’t.

He encouraged me to call about a ticket. It was free. He looked up the number on his telephone and handed it to me. He thought it might be sold out.  He mentioned that he would ask some friends if they had an extra ticket.

The concert was sold out, but I learned that on the day of the concert, a wait line would form. That day,I began to think that the chances were slim and the drive long. I almost didn’t go. Then I thought of ways to enjoy the experience regardless of whether I got in.

I went, I got a ticket. I sat in the second row in the center orchestra. It was exceptional. Afterwards I got my ukulele autographed by orchestra members.. I met ukulele enthusiasts, We took turns playing, I lent my ukulele to strangers who from the look on their eyes, I knew they played. And boy were they amazing.

When has positive thinking changed your day?