“There’s an Improv/Commedia Dell’Arte show in Fort Green, Brooklyn, wanna go?” I said “Yes” despite not knowing what this actually was. It was a chance to discover this form of comedy first hand and though I lived in Brooklyn most of my life, I don’t recall visiting this neighborhood.  

“Two of my improv teachers from the Funny School of Good Acting-Chris Bayes’ and Virginia Scott’ are putting it on. It’s going to be bawdy and over the top. I know some of the players and they are amazing performers.”

The venue was “Jack”, an eclectic space where the wallpaper is tin foil. Entering I was handed a lollipop and a flier. Attendees were gathering on the stage to have a launch celebration. The show was high energy and the audience super engaged. The hour and a half show went quickly. I was in Comedia bliss.

There was no better place to be on this Sunday night and the fact that they were launching weekly shows meant I could get a second dose of fun soon.

Where did your last nook and cranny adventure take you?