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Solo or Not

October 29, 2016

Can a crypt tour, a silent movie set to live organ music or interacting with ghouls bring the Halloween spirit to life? Yes, especially if you do them all together on the same evening!

Arriving early made it possible to get a prime viewing location and to network. Anticipation, the setting and the people contributed to the overall effect. Hearing stories about the venue, the personal stories of people in the audience and feeling the reactions to the halloween activities created an orchestra...

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Hidden Treasure

October 7, 2017

More and more I’ve noticed mural art that brings life to vacant store fronts and buildings around New York City. It adds vibrancy, entertainment and insight about what’s on the Artists’s mind

This exhibit on Frederick Douglas Boulevard near 125th street in Harlem stood out. It was a museum like curated display of multimedia art. It called out to me to stop and study and admire the shadow boxes recessed in a boarded up store front. This work was a mirrored sculpture which reflected images...

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